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Post Surgery Therapy

Post Surgery Therapy


Renee Allen, Oncology Masseuse Therapist



I was lucky enough to find an a massage therapist that was not only thoughtful and sensitive to my needs after multiple breast cancer surgeries, but also who was not afraid to dig into my chest, underarms and shoulders to get me moving again. I had a love hate relationship with those sessions! Many days I wanted to jump off the table and hide underneath it crying because of the pain, but I knew I had to endure the pain in order to get better. Every time I left a session with Renee, I felt amazing. I could always move my arms better and my scar tissue was loosening up. She also helped ease the nerve pain that I experienced in my arms. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this special woman that is so committed to helping women become whole again. If you do not live in Southern California, I implore you to seek out a therapist that really works for you, and with you. It took me several tries to find the right fit. Here is a recent Q & A I did with Renee to introduce her to more breast cancer survivors.


Danielle: How long have you been a therapist and how did you decide to pursue this as a career?

Renee: I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years. My daughter as an infant had pneumonia all the time and the nurses at the hospital taught me “Tapotement” to help clear the build up in her lungs along with her other treatments. Afterwards, I took courses for enrichment and went to school officially in 2009.

Danielle: Tell me a little bit about your personal background.

Renee: I am a healer that is intuitive, strong, happy, positive, selfless, giving and mindful. I live by the mantra, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Gandhi

Danielle: What drew you to physical therapy and specifically oncology massage?

Renee: If I label my style, it’s more of a “Sports Rehabilitative Therapy in my regular practice. I excelled in that field being athletic and injured many times, so I understood that. With Oncology, I didn’t know I was doing restorative until I was certified last year, and realized no one was really providing that service. Restorative Oncology massage is an adaption of massage techniques to safely empower your body to move more freely, like I did with you (Danielle)


Danielle: What is your goal for your clients through your massage therapy?

Renee: My goal for my clients is to help alleviate soft tissue dysfunction, and you to develop functional posture, symmetry and mobility. A reminder, you don’t have to protect yourself, I am your facilitator. Trust your body.

Danielle: Do you have a mantra to share?

Renee: “In order for you to be your best, you have to honor your own needs first.”

Danielle: How can you be reached and what is your availability?

Renee: Right now I am freelancing and available in the Southern California area. I travel from Laguna Beach to Malibu to do sessions in the comfort of the patient’s home. I am currently working on a website, www.reneeallen.me or you can email me at renee@reneeallen.me

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