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Give yourself a big hug! My theme for the month of February is “Love.” Just a few days ago was the three year anniversary for my double mastectomy and reconstruction. The long, almost seven hour surgery was performed by @drkristifunk from the @pinklotusbreastcenter and @drrituchopra from @ordonchopra. That day, I had to love my life, and myself enough to give up my breasts. I was surrounded with the outpouring of love from friends, family, my amazing doctors, and their staff. I was given a new start, along with all the courage and support needed to love back, live, and create the world of RavenPink.

This journey of love will take you to some of my favorite places, while sharing stories of love and more. Please follow me on Instagram , Twitter for weekly insights and special moments. I wish all of you the gift of “Love” this month.

Stay strong, Love, Live and Fight!



Holiday DIY Wreath Making

Earlier this month, I decided to take a wreath making workshop at the new Rolling Greens in DTLA. It was such a fun and inspiring experience, that genuinely got me into the holiday mood. The spiked hot cocoa and the delicious pie tasting by added to the fun and excitement of the day. You can search out a workshop in your area, or just buy the following items at your local craft store, like a Michael’s. I think next year, I am going to host a small kickstart party to the holidays and invite some girlfriends over to the house for wreath making, cookies, hot cocoa and a holiday chic-flick playing in the background. It’s not too late for you to do this. It’s really easy and fun! Here is what you will need for a basic wreath…allow yourself to get creative!

Makes 1 wreath

1 dried vine wreath (size is up to you)

1 pkg green floral wire

Small garden shears

Garden Gloves

BASE GREENERY>fresh or dried greens such as various pine, evergreen, eucalyptus trimmings, etc.

ACCENT GREENERY>such as pine cones, flowers, seed pods, etc. Other add on items could be 2” wide decorative holiday ribbon, candy canes or ornaments.


Start by picking a focal point on the wreath and trim down some of the stems of the base trimmings. Lay the base trimmings onto the wreath in the fashion that you want. Then add accent trimmings to really define your theme. I created a non-traditional look by only putting greens on one portion of the wreath and left the rest of the vine wreath exposed. You can choose to do whatever you want. This is your wreath! Once you have explored and decided how you want your wreath to look, you can start attaching the greens with the floral wire. Start by sticking one end of the wire into the wreath next to the trimming/s you want to tie down. Pull that wire partially through the vine wreath to the back side. Loop the other end of the wire over the trimming/s and pull the wire to the back side of the wreath. Then you can twist the two ends of the wire together tightly until the trimming/s are secure. Cut down or bend the remaining wire into the vine wreath, so that the ends are not exposed. Keep doing this until you have secured all trimmings. Fluff up the greenery, so that you can’t see the wires. You can continue to add accent trimmings and greenery to your wreath until you are completely satisfied with the design. Once you think you are finished do what I call a “shake test.” Turn your wreath upside down and gently shake it to make sure all trimmings are secure.

**to keep your wreath fresher longer, lightly mist it daily with a spray bottle of water..

Sip some cocoa, smile and enjoy your holidays!

Stay Strong, Fight, Live & Enjoy!