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Hello readers,

Give yourself a big hug! My theme for the month of February is “Love.” Just a few days ago was the three year anniversary for my double mastectomy and reconstruction. The long, almost seven hour surgery was performed by @drkristifunk from the @pinklotusbreastcenter and @drrituchopra from @ordonchopra. That day, I had to love my life, and myself enough to give up my breasts. I was surrounded with the outpouring of love from friends, family, my amazing doctors, and their staff. I was given a new start, along with all the courage and support needed to love back, live, and create the world of RavenPink.

This journey of love will take you to some of my favorite places, while sharing stories of love and more. Please follow me on Instagram , Twitter for weekly insights and special moments. I wish all of you the gift of “Love” this month.

Stay strong, Love, Live and Fight!